3 Career Questions To Reflect On During Lockdown

Career Development
September 17, 2021

With the tedium of a full lockdown in place, we are “ once again “ without the usual pleasures and distractions of seeing friends and family, or visiting the gym, pub or cinema (or going to watch the football).

However, this increased time spent at home can be a good opportunity to reflect, bringing the things that make you happy into sharper focus. What exactly do you want from your professional and personal life that will make your feel more fulfilled in the long run?

And, as we increasingly recognise that the pandemic is not going to end in the next few weeks or perhaps even months, why put off making changes that could significantly impact your life for the better?

If you are reflecting on your career, here are 3 simple questions to ask yourself, which can help you crystallise your long-term professional goals and aspirations:

Would you do as your employer does?

When organisations go through a crisis, their management strategies (or lack of) can expose a whole host of issues which may be of concern to you as an employee. You should always ask yourself:

  • If you were the CEO of this organisation, what would you be doing to manage the impacts of the pandemic?
  • Do you agree with your organisation's internal and external response to what's happening?
  • Has your organisation made you feel as supported as possible throughout this period?

Look at other brands to gauge how employers are approaching this differently and if you see something that you're particularly impressed with, can you bring this into your own organisation or is it time to think about moving to greener pastures?

Does your job play to your strengths?

Many people's roles have shifted scope this year, and you might have found yourself taking on new tasks and responsibilities. If this is the case for you, has it led you to realise that your skillset is wider than you thought? Ask yourself:

  • What am I naturally good at and do I get to demonstrate this in my current role?
  • Do I get the opportunity to upskill in my job and improve my work?
  • How well have I handled new tasks and responsibilities?

Asking these questions should show you whether there's scope to take your current role in a direction that builds on your natural skillset or what you need to look for in your next role to ensure that you're a better match.

Do you connect to the purpose of your job?

This uncertain time might have prompted you to think about what brings the most meaning to you and your long-term job goals, and to consider if you want to take your career in that direction. It's important to question what truly matters to you and whether your work aligns to this.

Try to go beyond simply looking at your company's reputation and dive deeper into its values and mission. Your job should feel rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling all at once, and if you come to realise that your job doesn't make you feel this way, now might be the time to find a role that better aligns to your own moral code.

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