New Year Resolutions For Recruiters.

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September 17, 2021

2020 is almost a thing of the past, and what a time it's been for us all.

Recruitment has hardly had the best year in its history, but 2021 promises to hold better fortune (at least we certainly hope so).

In which case, here are a couple of New Year's resolutions that every recruiter should have in mind when looking to hit the ground running to get your candidates the best jobs out there.

Learn a new skill or hobby

Whether you want to cover a skills gap or simply expand your knowledge, making a new year resolution around learning something new can make a big difference in your job.

It doesn't have to be a formal training or a totally new field of study. Pick something that you've always wanted to learn, ask a co-worker to share some bits of expertise with you, or enrol in an online course.

Here are some things to consider:

Take a basic coding course

If you're usually hiring or plan to hire many tech employees. You'll understand how to write better, buzzword-free job descriptions that give candidates a clear picture of the position “ Here are a few places to look at if you are unsure of where to start:

  • Institute of Coding if you are looking for a qualification, or if you want a free way to test the waters.


  • Codecademy is a great platform for getting to grips with the basics.
Shadow colleagues from different departments.

Next time you're hiring a new employee for their team, you'll know which candidates will be a good culture fit/add.

Refresh your labour legislation knowledge.

With new regulations like GDPR, political changes like Brexit and social movements like #blacklivesmatter that impact our lives, it's important to ensure that you and your company are compliant and aware of how this may affect the recruitment process.

Nurture strong relationships

Toxic relationships don't refer only to our personal lives; they can be work-related, as well. This new year try to build healthy relationships with everyone you interact with, from colleagues and candidates to hiring managers and other HR professionals. Relationships, though, require you to invest time; it's not a one-time thing you can cross off your list.

Here are some ideas you can implement throughout the year:

Have regular informal meetings

Such as on your lunch break “ with team leaders.

Your first meeting shouldn't be when a new job opens. Instead, you should get to know each other and establish a solid, trusting relationship before you end up needing them in your work.

Book a ˜sourcing time' in your calendar.

It could be an hour or two in your week when you'll proactively look for potential hires online or reach out to passive candidates or send a quick email to catch up with past applicants who might qualify for another role in the future.

Attend at least one local job fair every few months and host a career day at your offices.

Not only you'll get the chance to meet job seekers and see the world through their eyes, but you'll also build your personal or company brand.

If you are not sure where job fairs are, check them out here:

Set up a process for communicating promptly with candidates, even the ones you reject.

Book some time in your schedule and respond or reach out to people who are in your hiring pipeline. If you have an ATS, simply double-check the settings to ensure that candidates get automated replies when necessary.

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