Leadership Styles - 3 Types Of Leader - Which Are You?

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September 17, 2021

Leadership styles are what your employees will remember most about you. We all remember a particular jovial, strict or relatable boss in our time, and that is because that boss perfected their style.

Let's take a look at 3 of these leadership styles and see if they can help you adjust yours the next time you get into the office.


The Director

No, we don't mean Stanley Kubrick, we mean that true leadership skills are not required when one is telling another what to do; how to do it and when it needs to be done.

This makes this style more of a management tool than a leadership tool.

The directing style is useful when for when you are working with freelancers or contractors for example.

When work is outsourced; and you have a clear idea of what you need done; and what the outcomes should be, you would use a ˜telling' style. In this case there needs to be a clear direction (in order to communicate what you want).

The director knows what they want and knows how to direct their actors (employees) in order to get the best result attainable.

The Coach

These leaders are visionaries; they build a vision and direct their team to achieve the vision.

However, in order to successfully direct their team and accomplish the objective, they first need to sell their idea and vision to all those involved in bringing it to fruition.

This is not only done to effectively communicate the objectives, but to also excite, motivate and get team members believing wholeheartedly in the endeavour.

The ˜selling' style is useful for when you, as the leader, are introducing a ˜new' or refined vision or concept into the fray.

Although the vision was not formed by the team members; you need their buy-in to ensure they're motivated to perform and achieve the end goal.

The Delegator

Delegating is another leadership style best used when leading a team of senior leaders, directors or managers.

Because there is little direction or support, the leader gives full authority to the individual or team to make the final decision.

The ˜delegating' leadership style is useful for the occasions when you fully trust the decision-making abilities of the individual or group.

This style is usually used by CEO's and high up corporate big wigs, who fully trust the capabilities of their directors or managers, due to their experience and emotional maturity.

This leadership style is not often used in teams made up of junior or mid-level staff, unless the decision is incredibly low risk “ so keep that in mind.

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