September 17, 2021

Today, we look at how certain brands are looking to raise money for the hospitality industry, how beauty brand consumers won't try anything new and how Co-op are looking to use delivery robots to help their logistics fleet. Enjoy!

Co-op will be using delivery robots

We've discussed them numerous times on these blogs, the invasion of the sky robots! Also known as larger companies' delivery robots to help with their logistics demands. It seems that now Co-op is expanding the use of autonomous grocery delivery robots to a second UK town.

The convenience retailer launched its ground-breaking same-day robot deliveries in early 2018 through a partnership with Starship Technologies. The service offers emission-free delivery of online orders in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. The autonomous service is now being expanded to Northampton, serving around 5,000 households within a three miles radius of a Co-op food store in Wootton Fields. Co-op stated that it has ambitions to use as many as 300 of Starship's robots by the end of 2021 across more towns and cities.

Bidfood And Campari launch initiatives to raise money for beleaguered hospitality sector

With the hospitality sector set for a tough winter as coronavirus restrictions continue, foodservice wholesaler Bidfood and Hospitality Action have announced they will be releasing a charity single to raise funds for the industry. Available from the 7th of December the single, which is a cover of Miley Cyrus “ The Climb, aims to shine a light on the importance and resilience of the industry in these testing times.

Meanwhile, Campari UK is calling on businesses that may no longer be putting money behind the bar this Christmas to instead put it behind the bar staff. This follows new research which suggests that the pandemic will cost the hospitality industry an estimated £717m over the festive season. The liqueur brand is suggesting businesses donate 5% from their unused Christmas party budgets to a hospitality worker relief fund, Shaken Not Broken. Already, companies including Wavemaker UK, The Craft Gin Club, Spinach Branding, Revolution Bars Group, HT Drinks and entrepreneur, investor and star of Dragons Den (one of them, anyway) Sarah Willingham have donated to the cause.

Beauty brand consumers aren't trying new brands when they shop online

While nearly half (44%) of beauty shoppers in a new survey agree that they have bought more beauty and skincare products online (rather than in store) over the last 6 months, the research reveals that 56% (rising to 62% among female shoppers) tend to stick with brands or products they've purchased before, rather than trying anything new when shopping for beauty and skincare online.

Studies of Millennial and Generation Z shoppers in the UK and US also analyses the impact of several tactics that e-commerce stores use to encourage online beauty and skincare purchases. One example would be the presence of customer reviews throughout the website is the factor most consumers say will increase the chance of them making a purchase (selected by 74% of the sample and rising to 80% among female shoppers). Second is the opportunity to receive free samples to try before they buy (72%) which some beauty retailers are offering as bricks & mortar stores remain restricted or closed due to the pandemic.

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