Lockdown Leaves Fans Without Favourite Chocolate

September 17, 2021

Chocoholics everywhere have been left disappointed as Covid-19 halts production of some of their favourite additions to the famed Quality Street.

The ever popular Chocolate Fudge Brownie which replaced the toffee fudge back in 2019 has been the hardest hit after fans expecting to find the sumptuous sweetie, we were left bitterly disappointed with one dad asking the makers of Nestle I've just emptied a box on the table for the kids to choose what they'd like. Where are the chocolate caramel brownies?! My eight-year-old son is devastated. Explain yourselves.

"My eight-year-old son is devastated. Explain yourselves. - Devastated Fan

it's not just the Brownies that are suffering either, according to other fans, the Big Purple One is also being dished out very sparingly according to one fan who counted that there were in fact 50% less of them than any other variety In his 650g tub. A spokesperson for Nestle had let out a heartfelt apology, confirming that some production lines had been halted due to lockdown and that although some chocolates had been affected, fans can rest assured that those missing were replaced with other alternatives, and the overall amount of chocolate is the same. ˜We apologise for any disappointment caused but hope consumers understand why it was necessary to make these changes during such unprecedented conditions. We hope you'll get some in your next pack.' “ Nestle Spokesperson" We hope so too Nestle.

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