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September 17, 2021

Need some inspiration for Secret Santa this year? We've got you covered.

Ah, Christmas is coming “ the geese are getting fat. And so is Jill in Accounting. But here's a few ideas to get her laughing along with everyone else in the office with 4 great Secret Santa gift ideas. Whether your boss is lovely or loathsome, your colleagues are a pain or a pleasure, one of these gifts should get planning your pressies in a much funnier way, for sure. Enjoy!

Novelty Cushion

Whether it's someone you could very easily do without working with or someone you couldn't work without, what better way to show you love or distain for that person that to watch them open a present of their own face blown up onto a novelty cushion in front of the entire office? If you've got a cracking photo from the office party this is a great solution to keep the memory going “ let Mush Face help you out here. Alternatively, pick a fun photo of something your colleague loves and get it printed on the cushion for a fun and light-hearted gift they'll hopefully appreciate.

Rude Stress Balls

Yes, I'm sure you've all guessed what these look like. Have you drawn the boss or team leader for Secret Santa? Has he been a real pain in the neck, recently? Well, this should get the message across loud and clear. Or, if you don't have the boss, giving the squishy balls to the office stress head will help your colleague relinquish themselves a little from the stress demon. They may even have a bit of a giggle too.

Blanket with Sleeves

Somewhere in your office, there's a member of your team that's always cold. And they have no problem letting everyone else know it. If you're always hesitant to switch the air-con on because of this one individual - this is the perfect solution for you and for them. This brilliant fleeced blanket has sleeves and foot pockets, essentially making it a snuggly jumpsuit. They might look a little silly waggling around the office in this number, but at least they won't be cold, so everyone else can enjoy having the windows open in the middle of summer.

The Avocado Maestro

Is there someone at your workplace that eats avocados on everything? Avocado toast, with smashed and peppered avocado, an avocado smoothie and slices of avocado on the side for good measure - sound familiar? Treat them to something they love so much, with this avocado cookbook, packed full of over 50 avocado-y recipes, enjoy great delights like linguine with avocado pesto (yum).Just don't give it to the person with the cupcake maker, or it'll be avocado cupcakes for the next few fortnights. We have warned you!

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