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September 17, 2021

Guinness 0.0 went on sale at the end of October this year in 4x440ml can packs in off-licences and in Waitrose and Morrison's supermarkets, with plans for it to be rolled out to other retailers. It was due to become available on draught in pubs next spring and to be launched in other parts of the world later in 2021.Getting your staff to work as one swift, cohesive unit is a difficult task at best.Team building is a gigantic facet of any managers CV. The ability to get those working under you wanting to achieve for you as a group is a superb skill to have in your arsenal, and today we take a look at 3 Team building office games that you can play on a laid-back Friday afternoon to keep moral at a good level.Enjoy!

The Bridge Build

Ok, an easy one to start with. Divide into two teams and have each build a bridge out of the materials provided. The goal is for the two bridges to have similar or identical designs so they can both fit together when each team is done, but it's challenging because the teams cannot see each other at work. They're only allowed to communicate verbally (perhaps via Slack or WhatsApp too).

What's My Name?

Here's one for the celebrity minded among your team. Create a list of names, which can be celebrities or even types of professions such as actor or doctor. Write these down on Post-It notes and place them on people's foreheads without showing them their name. Then have everyone speak with each other for a set number of minutes asking yes or no questions until they're able to correctly guess the name on their own forehead. This game helps teammates interact with others who they might not get to talk too much throughout the day.

All The News

A slightly more ╦ťout of the box' one now. Each team is given newspapers and a pen to scribble out and come up with different headlines that cover what the company will be doing in the future. They then share their headline ideas with the rest of the team and discuss feedback. This helps business owners and entrepreneurs who want to work together on the company's direction and goals.Videos and pictures are a must not only to remind your team they can be friends, but also for your own amusement to hang up in the lunch room!

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