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September 17, 2021

You've broken your back, you've stayed late constantly, it's now time to get that sweet, sweet reward. Here are 4 signs that your dream promotion is imminent.

1: You're Suddenly The Center Of Attention

Do you remember the captain in that movie Airplane! who acts a little overly friendly with that kid when he comes for a tour of the cockpit? Well, your boss should be acting a lot like that. Inviting you to meetings you hadn't normally been allowed to enter, inviting you for lunches and just generally treating you with a hint of royalty. If this is happening to you now, enjoy it, because after the promotion it'll all be about proving that you deserve it. But for now, lap up the praise, take the compliments with a smile and a nod and like that kid in Airplane! take as much pleasure in the dumbstruck feeling by your superiors' kindness and generosity as he did (but hopefully, no one will ask you if you like movies about gladiators).

2: You're Being Asked About Your Long-Term Career Plans

When your meetings with your manager are less about current progress but more about future ambitions, you know it's looking good for you. Be honest with your boss, tell them what you really want to achieve, don't just tell them what they want to hear, but chances are your long-term career goals are to be sitting on your manager's side of the desk.

Meetings like this with your manager ae to see if your ambitions and this promotion coincide with each other and they want you to confirm to them that they aren't just propping you up with this, you're getting up willingly.

3: You're Getting More Responsibilities

As much as we all universally hate doing more work for no extra pay, in this case, you must make an exception. Take on all the extra work that you can manage. Stay late, work through lunch and get in early. This will show that the ones promoting you made the right call and were correct to instil their trust in you. If they ask why you're putting in so much effort, tell them you see it as an opportunity to learn new skills and broaden your career horizons. That'll increase the quality of the bottle of wine they give you at the Christmas party, you can be assured.

4: You're Self-Sufficient

You're not the type who constantly needs to be reminded how to use the CRM, you don't require much time to get back up to speed after a holiday and you're not constantly emailing your manager for advice on ˜in progress' leads. In short, you can rely on yourself and this is a pivotal skill in getting a promotion.

If your manager has taken note of just how well, you can manage yourself, those around you and still remain self-sufficient, then it would not be unreasonable to assume that promotion is only just around the corner.

But Don't Jump Into It!

If you're going to put in the time and develop the skills needed to earn that promotion, the likelihood is that you will probably stay in that new role for a good for years to come before the next promotion opportunity pops up. So, it had better be with the right company, for the right package.

Here are a few things to do pre-acceptance.

Know Your Worth

Before you jump head first into it, make sure you do your research around what your role is paying across the market and aim for the higher end, if you have got to this point then you know your company values you, so find out how much.

Is Money Really The Main Thing?

Extra money is great, but nowadays it's not the only benefits available to us, look around at what companies are offering - free car, bonus packages, onsite gyms, flexible working, etc. There really is more to life and work than money, and companies are always finding new and innovative ways to support their staff, so think about your work life balance and whilst being realistic, think of things that would make your life better balanced, and ask for them.

What's The Environment Like?

Again, great you've spent 3 years here, worked your backside off and finally been offered the chance to progress. But, are you happy here? Do you fit within the social groups? Does the company and its people fit your values and personality? Don't be afraid to ask these questions, we spend around 50% or more of our lives working, so make sure you're working within an environment that is right for you.

Once you have found the correct career for you, look out for these signs and await a bright future. If you're not sure where to start looking or finding this information, please give us a call and we'll be more than happy to shine a light on it all for you and show you what is available to you.

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