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We're not a massive corporate and have recruited carefully over the years enjoying 85% organic internal growth - today we have a close knit team based at our funky new offices in Kingston-Upon-Thames. That said... we've not taken external shareholder investment or hired en masse just to practice the "survival of the fittest"..

We believe in an open, communicative workplace where opportunities for progression, increased earning and development are clearly visible. A detailed onboarding process will introduce you, whatever your experience, to our way of operating, the importance of the Values along with an explanation to the level system that has helped our team develop / set the markers for their progression.

Coaching is a big "must" for us, and although recruitment is an industry where much of the time you need to think on your feet and act with entrepreneurial instinct, you can't put a price on the value of shared experiences and learnings. The full value of our REC Logo accreditation with its huge training resources and high best practice requirements is evident across our operation. In addition to weekly cross company washups, we run performance one to ones on a weekly basis and 360 appraisals twice a year.

We can talk about how our meritocratic set up, along with our industry leading bonuses / salaries have enabled those who have made Vertex great to forge a long term career in an industry so many view as short term.

Want to prove yourself as an individual... fine; want to manage a team / grow a division... fine; already have a great idea about a new market and want us to listen... then great, we're receptive and keen to capitalise on individual ambition rather than put people in boxes or on a pre layed track! 

Like all good teams, we enjoy working together a lot and believe that the office hub creates a great buzzy, collaborative atmosphere.. that said we do believe in the "best of both" and even prior to "COVID lockdown", we worked flexibly and in this digital age, recognise that to allow location to get in the way of a great internal hire would be crazy and looking to the future, we see a balance of flexibly office based as well as fully remote team members / leaders.. In a smart working environment of trust with an emphasis on personal choice, growth plans as well as great team cultures, don't in our view, go hand-in-hand with life limiting, 5 days a week, "all in the same place at the same time" set ups! 

Get in touch for an informal chat or take a look at where we could need your help! 


Low Volume High Hit


So what's this "model" all about then?..well, Vertex was set up in early 2006 (to find out why we’re called Vertex  click here) and our approach, based on the experience of the founding members was, albeit simple, enthusiastically received in the marketplace. With a clear focus on the FMCG industry, we deliver a user friendly low volume / high hit rate headhunting based service at costs and timescales associated with traditional recruitment agencies.

We've applied this across a broad salary range from £40,000 up to £150,000 and in a variety of different disciplines. The positive for our clients is a genuinely close working partnership with low volumes and high success or "hit" rates. Candidates experience a more quality led, less "numbers" approach than they are used to in the typical "agency" environment. With a minimal investment in advertising, largely owing to our search / direct approach routes, we have grown via word of mouth in some of the worst economic times.