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The Vertex Values


Although we live and work in times where mission statements and corporate ethos are commonplace, it's all too easy to create something for a website, brochure or job descriptions and think... "well, that's done!" In our opinion, many read this way and often don't reflect a true picture of the working environment they claim to underpin.

Did we set out with a list of buzzwords on day 1?... honestly, no... but over the years we have adopted a way of working both internally with our team and externally with client and candidate partners that we've summed up with a few key words. We have come to view them as our "constitution".

We call them "The Vertex Values" and they feature in every aspect of the way that we operate:

  •      Trust
  •      Transparency
  •      Integrity
  •      Partnership
  •      Empowerment
  •      Enjoyment
  •      Results

Trust is vital in an environment where we deal daily with confidential and sensitive situations and is firmly at the heart of our relationships. Linked directly to this, operating without hidden agendas and communicating openly reinforces the importance of Transparency.

Integrity  perhaps confused with trust but for us, it's different - this is a vital building block of our operation and a confirmation of the importance that we place on "playing with a straight bat". Recruiters are often (sometimes unfairly) type cast as achieving wins by being underhand - we're winners here and like to work with winners.. only short termists do it the wrong way! Partnership  is how we've built our business and is characterised by the length of many of our candidate and client relationships but is equally valuable in our attitude as an employer / developer of people. 

Empowerment  is key whether you're building your career in recruitment, building a team or talking through your potential career search. Enjoyment .. sometimes forgotten - sure there are always tough times and tricky conversations but life's a bit too short not to be able to have a laugh with those you work / partner with... or even at yourself!

Results  are what we've become known for externally and have underwritten the growth of our business during tough economic times - there are many contributing factors but all of the above is a pretty good start. Equally, we expect a lot of those who form part of the Vertex team but then give back in rewards, career pathway and are constructive when things don't go as planned.

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading about what's important to us - if you have any queries, want to talk more or have had an experience that doesn't tie in with the above, feel free to call us on 020 8614 4180 or contact us here!

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