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Rob Carter
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Rob Carter

Senior Consultant 

Tel: 0208 614 4194


Operating across the FMCG industry but with additional links to the sportswear / fashion space, Rob specialises in marketing. From brand management through to corporate comms / PR his focus is broad reaching. 

Rob's Vacancies

An Interview With Rob

We had a catch up with Rob on all things vertex and more, here's what he had to say. 

VR: So how long have you been working at Vertex?

RC: About 4 years – since 2013

VR: What’s your area of expertise, (within Vertex)?

RC: Sales & Marketing.

VR: What can you offer a client or candidate, that nobody else can?

RC: Excitement and a new way of working.

VR: That’s enough boring stuff, let’s get personal….

Describe yourself in 3 words?

RC: Hyperactive, Observant, Genuine

VR: Who is your celebrity idol, living or dead and why?

RC: Ryan Reynolds – He is a casual, cool, comedic, approachable, hardworking and loveable guy! And who doesn’t love a Canadian!

VR: If you won a £1million tomorrow, what would you do?

RC: Buy a portfolio of properties………and a samurai sword obviously!

VR: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

RC: Doing a back somersault out of a second-floor window. Use to do Parkour/ Free-Running before I put the beer weight on!

I suppose getting my neck (nape) pierced was pretty crazy!

VR: You’re doing a pub quiz, what’s your best subject?

RC: Science & Nature or random facts that no one needs to know! 

If you want to chat more with Rob then get in contact today.