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Matt Morrison
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Matt Morrison

Social Media Marketing Manger 

Mobile: 07736294471



As a key member of our support team, Matt’s role is instrumental in driving and developing Vertex’s digital brand and outreach.

An Interview With Matt

Here's what Matt had to say about all things Vertex and more; 

VR: So how long have you been working at Vertex?

MM: Seems like yesterday…. wait it was.

VR: What’s your area of expertise, (within Vertex)?

MM: Advertising, social media marketing, personal branding, sales……. FIFA?

VR: What can you offer a client or candidate, that nobody else can?

MM: A different perspective and a creative edge, and socially unacceptable humour.

VR: That’s enough boring stuff, let’s get personal….
Describe yourself in 3 words?

MM: Bald, beautiful, awesomeness

VR: Who is your celebrity idol, living or dead and why?

MM: Ooo I have two…. Dave Grohl for being just an absolute legend, and then the other isn’t so much a celebrity, but it would be Steven Bartlett (CEO of Social Chain) for literally going broke to build his company, and from such a young age too, the guy's got vision and perseverance two things I admire.

VR: If you won a £1 million tomorrow, what would you do?

MM: Invest it in building my own social media empire…. don’t worry Vertex I won’t forget you.

VR: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

MM: Errrrm what can I say that won’t incriminate me haha…. on purpose would have to be 11,000ft skydive in Australia, by accident, drive a car down a mountain at 60kmph with no brakes…. I only realised the brakes went while I was driving down it….that was pretty crazy.

VR: You’re doing a pub quiz, what’s your best subject?

MM: Films or Marvel…. although recently won a pub quiz and I think it was my knowledge on Switzerland weirdly that won it. 

If want to chat with Matt more, get in touch today.

Blogs by Matt Morrison

Are office pets the way forward?

19 Feb 2018

Are office pets the way forward

I was doing my morning rounds checking all the latest news and blogs as you do, and I come across this article by The Recruiter in response to the Chinese (lunar) new year – “ IT’S THE YEAR OF THE (RECRUITMENT) DOG!”,  which is fundamentally all around the latest trend of having an office dog, and suffice to say I was hooked. I mean a dog at work what a great trend to read about on a Monday morning.


Social media – the new CV?

19 Feb 2018

Social media  the new CV

As the age of social media grows stronger and stronger, solid personal branding becomes more and more necessary and ever more present in our daily lives. So, is social media the new CV?

This example makes it seem so, recently Akosua Boadi-Agyemang posted this on LI.


How Not To Interview

16 Feb 2018

How Not To Interview

We all dread the interview, even preparing for it can strike fear in even the most confident of individuals, and as we all know, fortune favours the prepared! but sometimes, too much preparation can become a serious hinderance.


Is AI good in Recruitment?

12 Feb 2018

Is AI good in Recruitment

As more and more companies use AI to screen their candidates, problems prove that using a specialist recruiter is worth its weight in gold!


Following Selena Gomez’s comments on twitter, we looked at ways to battle anxiety and stress in the workplace

08 Feb 2018

Following Selena Gomezs comments on twitter we looked at ways to battle anxiety and stress in the workplace

Selena Gomez recently opened up in an interview with Bazaar, on how she deals with anxiety and depression, stating it’s not something I feel I’ll ever overcome...and I’m okay with that because I know that I’m choosing myself over anything else." @selenagomez


F1 girls axed – at what point is gender equality just taking away job opportunities

05 Feb 2018

F1 girls axed  at what point is gender equality just taking away job opportunities

Bernie Eccleston was furious following the recent axe of the F1 girls due to gender equality and sexism issues, responding with “These girls were part of the show, part of the spectacle….I can’t see how a good-looking girl standing with a driver and a number in front of a Formula One car can be offensive to anybody.”. 


Our Very own Lizzie and Jaz talk about their thoughts on gender equality and the F1 girls being axed.

05 Feb 2018

Our Very own Lizzie and Jaz talk about their thoughts on gender equality  and the F1 girls being axed

So, our Vertex girls Lizzie Henderson and Jaz Palen took time out of their busy schedules to talk to me about their thoughts on gender inequality, and the latest row in the news over the Formula 1 Grid Girls being axed.

Here’s how it went.


Is Alexa the future for consumer goods?

30 Jan 2018

Is Alexa the future for consumer goods

I’ve been watching the whole Alexa situation for a while now, and I must admit it has got me pretty excited about the future of retail, in particular within the FMCG sector, and how consumer trends are going to rapidly change over the next 5 years.

So many articles and studies I have read highlight how consumers who use voice technology such as Alexa, are likely to spend 500% more!!!


Amazon Go's been robbed!!

25 Jan 2018

Amazon Gos been robbed

So, Amazon Go has been open a week, and already we have had a shoplifter...accidently I might add, but still the shop of tomorrow has failed!


Ignorance is definitely not bliss, in the eyes of the consumer

22 Jan 2018

Ignorance is definitely not bliss in the eyes of the consumer

During my morning reads of various articles and blogs on up and coming trends in a whole host of categories, I saw a short section in the Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2018, titled ‘Full Disclosure’. This colourful report highlights, how as consumers we’ve grown tired of the cloak dagger tactics so many brands previously used to employ, and that we now prefer brands that are far more transparent.


Live to work or work to live? Does it really need to be one or the other?

18 Jan 2018

Live to work or work to live  Does it really need to be one or the other

Imagine this, you wake up on Thursday morning, its 6am and you think ahhhh I’ve got two more days of work till the weekend, that’s twenty hours of my life!....Oh wait hang on, no I don’t, I have one day left and today is only six hours long and I don’t need to start till 10am…..and you hit that snooze button and fall asleep for another two whole hours before you get up and make yourself a lovely healthy breakfast and enjoy some fresh coffee, before you leave for your last day before your 3 day weekend begins.


What’s that coming over the hill?... It’s a Vegan. Or rather It’s Veganism.

15 Jan 2018

Whats that coming over the hill Its a Vegan Or rather Its Veganism

To most of us a vegan used to be that annoying hippie friend who you hated inviting round for dinner as the only thing they could eat was carrot sticks and a bowl of chickpeas. But over the last 5 years, veganism has gone to a whole new level with the trend rising from the cool fringes to the red-hot mainstream.


The Rise of Retail Tech

08 Jan 2018

The Rise of Retail Tech

According to Forbes and the 2017 Zebra Retail Vision study , “ By 2021, retailers are planning investments in Internet of Things (70%), machine learning/cognitive computing (68%) and automation (57%)”.   In a nutshell, technology in retail, has gone past our doorstep, it’s now sitting in our living room, drinking tea with your grandma.


What’s your food trend for 2018?

04 Jan 2018

Whats your food trend for 2018

According to Bidfood’s 2018 study on British consumer food trends, it’s going to be all about healthy, international culinary treats, that we can just grab and go!


Time For That New Year New Me

03 Jan 2018

Time For That New Year New Me

With the new year, comes resolutions and goals of creating a better self, but do we really create goals that are right for us?



29 Nov 2017


Revealed: What candidates hate about recruiters......and you probably do more of them than you realise.


The Times They Are A-Changin

24 Nov 2017

The Times They Are A-Changin

A great song for sure, but there’s a lot of truth in the somewhat random mumblings of the great Bob Dylan.


Personal Branding - Are you doing it?

20 Nov 2017

Personal Branding - Are you doing it

“Today, building your personal brand is just as important as building your company’s brand -- in fact, it might even be more important.”


‘These are not the answers you’re looking for’

17 Nov 2017

These are not the answers youre looking for

Sure fire questions to get all the answers you need from potential candidates.....Jedi style