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Marcus Trench
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Marcus Trench

Managing Director 

Tel: 0208 614 4181


With 20 years FMCG industry experience, Marcus takes overall responsibility for Vertex’s directional and growth strategy as well as running senior level search assignments principally in the category management and commercial space.

Marcus's Vacancies

An Interview With Marcus

We took the opportunity to sit down with Marcus, and chat about all things Vertex and beyond, here's what he had to say.

VR: So how long have you been working at Vertex?

MT: Seems like yesterday…

VR: What’s your area of expertise, (within Vertex)?

MT: The stuff I love - Mid management to board level recruitment projects across the FMCG sales and marketing space. Team structures / remuneration and market analysis / appraisals. Oh yes and the whole internal leadership / flag flying / management bit!

VR: What can you offer a client or candidate, that nobody else can?

MT: Guaranteed reservations and the best tables... seriously though, an unbiased holistic view of the industry (from company culture through to salary / structural benchmarking), tips for success and examples of failure (and how to avoid it..)

VR: That’s enough boring stuff, let’s get personal….
Describe yourself in 3 words?

MT:) Me, Me , Me… (laughs…)

VR: Who is your celebrity idol, living or dead and why?

MT: Peter Stringfellow... because of what you’re thinking right now… go figure!

VR: If you won a £1million tomorrow, what would you do?

MT: Try to pay off some of the mortgage… come on £1million….? What is this, the 70’s?!!

VR: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

MT: Katie Price! (laughs..)

VR: You’re doing a pub quiz, what’s your best subject?

MT: Me (as above…. ) are we done now!?..

So there you have it, if you want to chat more with Marcus then get in contact today.

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why do you have to really hunt for good news stories

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