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Matt Morrison
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Matt Morrison

Social Media Marketing Manger 

Mobile: 07736294471



As a key member of our support team, Matt’s role is instrumental in driving and developing Vertex’s digital brand and outreach.

An Interview With Matt

Here's what Matt had to say about all things Vertex and more; 

VR: So how long have you been working at Vertex?

MM: Seems like yesterday…. wait it was.

VR: What’s your area of expertise, (within Vertex)?

MM: Advertising, social media marketing, personal branding, sales……. FIFA?

VR: What can you offer a client or candidate, that nobody else can?

MM: A different perspective and a creative edge, and socially unacceptable humour.

VR: That’s enough boring stuff, let’s get personal….
Describe yourself in 3 words?

MM: Bald, beautiful, awesomeness

VR: Who is your celebrity idol, living or dead and why?

MM: Ooo I have two…. Dave Grohl for being just an absolute legend, and then the other isn’t so much a celebrity, but it would be Steven Bartlett (CEO of Social Chain) for literally going broke to build his company, and from such a young age too, the guy's got vision and perseverance two things I admire.

VR: If you won a £1 million tomorrow, what would you do?

MM: Invest it in building my own social media empire…. don’t worry Vertex I won’t forget you.

VR: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

MM: Errrrm what can I say that won’t incriminate me haha…. on purpose would have to be 11,000ft skydive in Australia, by accident, drive a car down a mountain at 60kmph with no brakes…. I only realised the brakes went while I was driving down it….that was pretty crazy.

VR: You’re doing a pub quiz, what’s your best subject?

MM: Films or Marvel…. although recently won a pub quiz and I think it was my knowledge on Switzerland weirdly that won it. 

If want to chat with Matt more, get in touch today.